How does Capital Strategies make investment choices for its portfolios?

There are literally thousands of fund choices out there. CSI chooses investment options based on your needs so you can have the best opportunities for portfolio growth. We begin the process by learning everything we can about you and also your needs, goals and plans, so we’ll have a thorough understanding of them.

How does Capital Strategies charge for its services?

Since Capital Strategies does not sell any investment products and is totally independent, we do not receive any commissions or payments from any entity.  We work exclusively for you, the client.  You pay us a fee based on the total amount of assets that we manage for you.

Is financial planning a one-time event?

No, it is a process – a process that is on-going and covers a lifetime.  Once the original plan is in place, it needs to be periodically reviewed and modified as a client’s needs and life circumstances change.  Financial planning is a team exercise – Capital Strategies and the client working together towards the client’s life goals.

Why should I choose Capital Strategies?

We believe there are at least 10 reasons to work with Capital Strategies-

* Capital Strategies is independent

* Capital Strategies is accountable

* Capital Strategies is flexible

* Capital Strategies is educationally focused

* Capital Strategies is experienced

* Capital Strategies is direct

* Capital Strategies is vigilant

* Capital Strategies is a qualified investment manager

* Capital Strategies fees are reasonable and competitive

* Capital Strategies is totally client oriented.