Anchor Your Portfolio with Index Funds

Posted by cskadmin on July 23, 2012

Managers of index funds do not employ defensive mechanisms during a stock market downturn. One of the most basic distinctions among mutual funds is whether the fund manager employs an active or a passive management approach. An active management style means the fund manager uses analytic or forecasting tools to select individual stocks for the […]

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Charitable Giving Opportunities for Investors

Posted by cskadmin on July 16, 2012

Donor-advised funds, family foundations, and charitable trusts are available to donors and their loved ones. When choosing the most advantageous charitable giving strategy, individuals must evaluate a number of factors, such as their need for current income, their desire to control and preserve assets during life and after death, their specific charitable intent, as well […]

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Using Life Insurance to Ensure Business Continuity

Posted by cskadmin on July 9, 2012

Life insurance policies typically fund buy-sell agreements. The loss of critical personnel can be life threatening to small businesses; however, it is a risk that life insurance often can mitigate. Life insurance policies are frequently used in plans aimed at making it possible for a business to survive a change of ownership or the loss […]

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Strategies for Managing Volatility

Posted by cskadmin on July 2, 2012

Asset allocation, diversification, and the use of dividend-paying stocks are potential strategies for┬áreducing volatility. Investors are exposed to financial risk in two ways: company-specific risk or market risk. Long-term investors can reduce exposure to company-specific risk by diversifying among many different securities within the same asset class.1 Market risk is managed, but not eliminated, by […]

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