Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Posted by cskadmin on August 31, 2012

Strategies for exiting a business can include a buy-sell agreement, a cash sale to a third party, a buyout or recapitalization, or an employee stock ownership plan. If you are like many of your peers, the road into your business was more clearly laid out than your exit  route from involvement. However, a well-drawn road map […]

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Aligning Investing With Your Values

Posted by cskadmin on August 24, 2012

Socially responsible investing (SRI) uses nonfinancial screening criteria as part of the stock selection process. SRI criteria could potentially include corporate governance, environmental practices, employment policies, or health issues. When building portfolios, certain investors consider their personal values as part of the investment selection process. Sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) accounted for more than $3 trillion […]

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Choosing Between a Lump Sum and Periodic Payments

Posted by cskadmin on August 17, 2012

Electing periodic payments or a lump sum will affect a retiree’s financial situation for years to come. News that two large automakers have offered retirees the option of a lump sum payment, instead of receiving regular income from their pension plans, has garnered much media attention. Although many workers do not have pension plans, defined contribution […]

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Traveling the REIT Route to Real Estate Investing

Posted by cskadmin on August 10, 2012

REITs present an opportunity to make real estate investments that could include shopping centers, office  buildings, and hotels. For most Americans, an investment in real estate begins and ends with the purchase of a home. Yet investments in shopping centers, office buildings, and hotels may be available to investors, thanks to real estate investment trusts […]

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