Consider How Much Luxury Features Really Mean To You

Posted by Richard on December 5, 2018

What you want in your new home is everything and maybe all the luxury touches you can get.

But what features are actually deal breakers?

Lux touches look great and feel great, but some home experts wonder if those features should really make or break your choice in homes.

Consider whirlpool tubs. Stylish and beautiful, they cut an elegant profile in the bath, whispering of deep relaxation and plenty of hours to spend doing it.

What could be wrong with that?

There are drawbacks. Usually built for two people, these soaking tubs take up an enormous space in the bathroom. That space could be used for closets or big showers. And which will you use most? Busy mornings probably aren’t suited to time spent filling and then lounging in a tub. A shower is more sensible. Of course, you might use it on the weekends. And after a long bubble bath, there will be plenty to clean.

That’s why home experts say lounging tubs are often dust catchers, one of many beloved features that mainly look like they might be used, rather than actually being used.

Another is a fireplace. Christmas morning might feel delightful with a fire, but consider carefully how much you are willing to spend for that moment. Log fireplaces require logs and gas fireplaces don’t even crackle.

Then there is the kitchen. Gourmet cooks might want one of those $5,000 professional chef stoves, plus warming drawers and hanging pot fillers. But, if you aren’t a chef, these features could well be overkill. Warming drawers, rather than keeping fresh food fresh for 20 guests, often end up being used for storage. Pot fillers are slow.

On the other hand there are luxury features that are intrinsically pleasing.

Heated floors are effortless luxury, lending comfort year round and they cut down on utility bills.

According to Kiplinger, 82 percent of home buyers want an eat-in kitchen. Consider the benefits of table space in a kitchen over a big island eating space. Around tables people look at each other. At bars, people look straight ahead.

Another feature that 92 percent of buyers want: A big laundry room. If you can find one (or build one) on the main floor, so much the better for hauling baskets around.