Beware These Email Phishing Attempts

Posted by Richard on June 12, 2019

Seen lately in the wild are these phishing attempts:

* Funny and fake: The director of the FBI needs your help for wiretapping the Internet! Evidently something you did with a bank was legal but because there are scams on the Internet, you are going to be sent $10.7 million. Go figure.
Obviously, the FBI director is not going to contact you personally by email or otherwise. That’s not how the FBI rolls. And, the rest? You gotta feel sorry for the FBI if they are trying to wiretap the whole internet. Big project.

* Somewhat believable: Email claims you have undelivered email on your Outlook Web Mail service. The email lists supposedly undelivered emails for things like payments. If you click on any link you go to a fake Outlook Web App that asks for your credentials. As with all links that go to forms, make sure you examine the address before entering information.