Simple Kitchen Hacks To Make Life Easier For Seniors

Posted by Richard on October 9, 2019

One of the juggling acts for any caregiver is how to help make your loved one’s home easier to navigate while retaining the warmth and character of the space.
Even when mobility is limited, the kitchen is probably still one of the most-used rooms in the house. Here are some inexpensive ideas to improve the space while keeping its personality:

* Replace those traditional skinny light switches with wide rocker switches that are easier to turn on and off.

* Paint the inside of cabinets white to make items easier to see.

* Put an anti-fatigue mat by the sink. It’s non-skid and can help with foot and back pain.

* Use LED lights and install task lighting in areas like work spaces and storage cabinets

* Replace pull knobs with wider handles.

* Look for ways to allow for items to be pulled out, like slide shelving and dowels that enable you to stand cookie sheets and the like on end rather than stacking them. Drawers and pullout shelves are easier to use, no matter the age.

* Consider installing an induction cooktop, which turns off when a pot or pan is removed from the burner.

* Have a phone available. Whether it’s a traditional unit, cell phone, or emergency contact device, it’s always a good idea to have a method of contact readily available in every room.

* Consider a seated workspace for prepping and other tasks.