Plan Early For Inexpensive January Get-A-Ways

Posted by Richard on November 6, 2019

The end of the year can leave many of us feeling drained, emotionally and financially. A vacation to recover from the holidays — is it even possible?

Absolutely. Start planning now, and you may find that a January holiday is surprisingly affordable

And to springboard your brainstorming, here are a smattering of ideas from Travel and Leisure on cheapest places to travel in January (note that some are cold-weather locales, naturally. Keep an open mind!):
* Chicago, Illinois. Great food, music, museums, and sports. And in January, hotels are 50 percent more affordable than high season, while an average round-trip ticket is $179.10.
* Boston, Mass. Catch the Boston Symphony Orchestra in its world-famous concert hall, check out any number of fantastic museums, grab a great meal, and maybe see the Celtics play. Boston in January offers a 53 percent savings on hotel rates and flights are an average of $200.66.
* Toronto, Canada. Eat your way through this diverse city, which lays claim to a Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, Little Portugal, and a Greek Town. Toronto also boasts the world’s longest underground shopping complex, at 19 miles. Hotels are 33 percent more affordable and plane tickets average $280.65 from the U.S.
* San Diego, Calif. Here’s a balmy option with beautiful scenery, architecture, beaches, and tons of great food. The San Diego Brew Festival takes place in January, showing off some of the area’s 130-plus craft breweries and delicious food truck fare. You’ll save 37 percent on hotels, while round-trip tickets average $274.95.