Computer Vision (CV) In Our Daily Lives

Posted by Richard on January 8, 2020

Computer Vision, or CV, will become bigger and bigger in the tech world and our everyday lives heading into 2020. CV involves computers’ ability to recognize and interpret images, items — and perhaps most famously, faces. It can be as innocuous as the way our phones are able to focus on a face to much more sophisticated uses.
In the year ahead, look for CV to show up more and more. Here are some of those ways:
Facial recognition. You might use it to unlock your iPhone, or you may see it crop up more often in places like airports. An article in Forbes Magazine mentioned Dubai airport’s use of facial recognition to provide a smoother customer journey.
Autonomous cars. Whether this one happens soon or not, we’re likely to see the technology put to use for shipping purposes.
Security cameras. Security systems have come a long way from simple motion-detectors.
Assistance for the visually impaired. Technology exists for a smartphone to verbally describe the objects in a photograph posted to Facebook, for example.
Smartphone Apps. A Pinterest app called Lens can tell users where someone purchased the sneakers they’re wearing in a picture, says an article in Internet of Things for All. It can even show shoes that match the design and styling of the one in the photo.
Deposit a check. This one’s been around for awhile — you can deposit a check simply by taking a picture of it on your phone. CV technology helps verify that the signature on the check is real, among other bits of information.