Generation Z: A Workforce Like No Other

Posted by Richard on March 5, 2020

Generation Z (ages 18-22) is in the workforce. The hyper-visual, technological natives see little, if any, distinction between working at home or office, physically or digitally.
Gen Z’ers are skeptical, in a good way, and with the worldwide web at their fingertips, they’ve always been free to explore their options and alternatives.

A Northeastern University study reports that after watching their parents in the wake of the 2008 recession, Gen Z’ers are much more determined to steer clear of debt than pursue great wealth.
According to Tracey Franklin, Merck’s VP of talent recruitment, employers from the massive corporation to the little shop on the corner are now appealing to “the most purpose-driven generation of all time.”

So, what kind of jobs are Gen Z’ers seeking? According to recent research by, becoming a software engineer is their No. 1 choice. After all, in addition to tech companies, software engineers are also needed in retail, banking, and manufacturing industries, among others.
A close No. 2 is the software developer, followed by sales associate, mechanical engineer, data analyst, business analyst, engineer, receptionist, investment banking analyst, and financial analyst. Although they also aspire to work in the accounting, media, and aerospace industries, seven of the top ten companies with the most Gen Z applications were tech companies.

The Gen Z’ers’ primary buzzwords for choosing their current employers are “work environment,” “flexible hours,” and “good pay.” Also in the top 10, “Free food,” “company discount,” and “easy work.” Their primary reasons for looking elsewhere: “Long hours” and “low pay.”
As for staying with a company long term, previous Glassdoor Economic Research cites culture and values, trust in senior leadership, and the presence of career opportunities and advancement.