Home Inspection Is Not Just For Home Buyers

Posted by Richard on November 10, 2020

In one way, home repair contractors are a little like doctors who are known to say, “If only you had come to me sooner…”
It’s easy to put off checking with your doctor about little aches and pains that could lead to something serious. It’s just as easy to put off maintenance that could help avoid a serious repair problem at your home. Even worse, a problem could be developing that you don’t know about.
That’s one reason home inspection companies recommend getting an inspection even when you aren’t planning to sell your home. Security Home Inspections in Indianapolis explains why:
Each year, the average home handles 145,000 gallons of sewage, uses 22,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, sheds 45,000 gallons of rain off its roof and uses 65,000 cubic feet of gas.
The home holds 9,000 pounds of furniture on average. The furnace turns on 3,800 times per year and the water heater 3,600 times.
Whether your home is new or if you’ve lived in it for a long time, a structural and mechanical inspection should be considered. It’s the same inspection a home buyer would get. Last year, Security Home Inspections found gas leaks in almost 500 homes.
You might consider a partial inspection if you want to track down a mystery in your house, such as a new crack in a wall, a leak, an odor or a noise. Sometimes, just figuring out who to call for repairs is half the battle.
Because licensed inspectors offer an objective, independent view, the inspector’s report improves decision-making.