Shut Down The Noise Of Friends When It Comes to Money

Posted by Richard on November 10, 2020

Most people think that their friends don’t influence their finances, but it can happen in subtle ways.
Take the friend who goes on a cruise three times a year. They might always want others in their circle to join them. The temptation to join is high. It is so much more fun to vacation with good friends. But is it worth it to go into debt for a cruise?
Or consider the friend who always wants to go out for a fancy dinner and drinks. Yes, it is fun, but is it in the budget every weekend?
People who would never consider keeping up with the Joneses may still fall in the trap of following friends down a bad spending path.
Here are some things you can do to keep yourself on track:
1. Stare at your money frequently.
Seriously, just look. Look at the balance, the interest payments and review how long you have been working to increase the balance. Knowing where the path you have taken can help put today into perspective.
2. Think about what you want.
Is it a cruise now? Or do you want to buy a house, pay for a child’s college or save for retirement? Preserve your emergency fund? These are goals you can remind yourself about.
3. Consider your track to the future at least once a year.
As you stare at your investments or savings, focus on where you will be a year from now or 20 years from now if you refuse that cruise today.
Ask yourself if investments need to be re-balanced, maybe for less risk, for example. However, avoid being influenced by the financial markets today, as they move up and down amid the chatter of analysts. Try to think long term, according to Kiplinger Personal Finance.