Spring Home Buying Season Opens Soon

Posted by Richard on March 3, 2021

Spring remains the best time to sell a home, with many buyers out looking while school is out and the weather improves.
It’s a great time to sell, too. In November, home prices rose 14.6 percent higher than the previous 12 months.
Sellers should not have much of a problem moving their homes to the ‘sold’ column. Supply of houses for sale is low, but there are plenty of buyers around, forcing prices up. Most properties are on the market for less than two months.
For sellers who want the best prices for their homes, start now to fix up and clean up. Expensive renovations are not necessary, but be sure to paint it or scrub it.
De-cluttering is a good way to keep your house display-ready. Put knickknacks, family photos and collectibles in storage while you are showing the house.
Make sure your cabinets, built-drawers, and closets are cleaned out (and not stuffed!)
You’ll want to think over pricing. Your real estate agent may survey recent sale prices in the neighborhood and find houses that are comparable in price. Although there are many buyers around, you’ll want to come up with a strong, but realistic price to attract the most qualified buyers.
Photos are more important than ever since so many people, especially younger ones, research homes through online sources such as Zillow.
For buyers in areas with low housing supply, a strong offer is essential, especially if there are other interested buyers.
Make sure your financing is in place and be ready to act quickly. If you see the house you want, sign an offer immediately and get it to the seller.
Try to make a clean offer with few contingencies. If you need to sell your home, put it on the market immediately and arrange temporary housing while you shop for a house.
Be flexible with what you want in a house. Analyze your basic priorities and look for those first. Review homes for sale online in and around your preferred neighborhood so you know what amenities to expect at your price point.