Care-Giving: How To Get Into A Smaller Place

Posted by Richard on April 1, 2021

Sometimes, perhaps at retirement or maybe after the loss of a spouse, seniors quickly realize it is time to move to a smaller place with fewer responsibilities relating to home and garden maintenance.
It is a huge task: Finding a new place, sorting through belongings, selling the old and buying the new, moving, setting up and settling in.
Often, though, seniors might like to move, but wonder how they can manage the huge project. Adult children might wonder how they can possibly fit a task of this size into their busy lives. They might not even understand why the move is even necessary. They might think mom or dad are fine where they are.
So, if you want to move, tell everyone with no reservation and tell them you need help with the project.
Here is a brief idea of how to plan your move. You’ll need six months, with help from family and friends.
1. Spend some time sorting through keepsakes. Some keepsakes can come with you. Some, like old photos, can be distributed to family. Securely pack the keepsakes you are taking and move them to your storage unit.
2. Identify a suitable apartment location, even if you are not ready to move in. Be sure to try senior living locations and look at places near family or friends. Once you find the right place, you can get a sense of the size and decide what you can take with you.
3. Identify the furniture you want to take to the new apartment. You may also be able to buy new things, if your existing furniture is to be sold or donated. Identify the things that will go with the house at sale: appliances, for example.
4. Sell things that you won’t need. Friends and family might be able to sell more expensive items piece by piece. However, at some point you will be left with a variety of things unsold. You have choices with these leftover items. A junk hauler will take almost anything away, even big items, and the cost should be reasonable.
If you have furniture, silverware, dishes in quantity that you haven’t sold, an auction house will often send a person out to pack up everything, sell it for you, then give you a percentage of the sale.
5. Once the old house is pretty much cleaned out, you’ll want to rent an apartment and arrange moving.
6. As soon as the house is cleaned out, hire a real estate agent and sell.