Minor Kitchen Renovations Pay At Sale

Posted by Richard on July 1, 2021

We know that kitchens and bathrooms are traditionally the money rooms in a house — keep these in style and spiffy, and you can make more money on a sale.
Thing is, you need your kitchen and bathrooms to look good, but you don’t want to put a lot of money into the remodel.
According to Remodeling Magazine, minor kitchen or bath renovations often recoup the investment at sale. But that’s only if the basics are in good shape. The roof, siding and windows should also be in good order.
Minor kitchen and bath projects (about $15,000) can recoup more than 99 percent of the investment. But home renovations have been an exercise in patience lately, with limited supplies and long waiting times, not to mention higher prices.
So how can you renovate your kitchen quickly and on a budget?
Here are some ideas to save money on that kitchen remodel:
* Use open shelving. Open shelving costs less than wall cabinets.
* If you want cabinet doors, consider slab door fronts or shaker style, which are typically less expensive.
* Ask your neighbors for their stuff. Seriously — if you know of someone doing a remodel, find out what they’re doing with their old items. Chances are they’d love to see their cabinets, sinks or light fixtures being repurposed rather than thrown away.
* Head to the discount appliance store. They’ll have scratches or dents, but you can often fix those or find an appliance with an imperfection in an unnoticeable spot.
* Visit secondhand shops and auctions. Get there early on the days they bring in new items and move fast — you won’t be the only one there!
* Paint and new hardware. This one almost always works. A new coat of paint, some updated pulls and knobs and voila! A whole new look.
* Keep things where they are. If you do opt for a more extensive remodel, keep the plumbing and gas lines where they are. It can add a lot to the cost when you change the footprint and move these around.