Your House May Show Well At Christmas

Posted by Richard on December 9, 2021

Family, cheer, warmth — these are some of the memories and feelings the holidays conjure up and they are, not coincidentally, the best possible feelings to create when showing your home.
Holidays offer the seller so many options for making a home perfect for the buyer: Special lights, holiday smells, cozy fireplaces and festive decorations.
Remember, though, the motto for sellers is: Stay simple.

* Use modest lighting and decorations inside and out.
* If you have a Christmas tree, consider buying one size smaller than you usually buy. Arrange a few simple gifts with matching wrapping paper under the tree. Make sure there is no extravagant display of gifts or toys under the tree. Store away any furniture that is displaced by the tree.
* For all decorations, small and simple is better.
* Favor natural materials such as real pine branches and pine cones for wreaths and other decorations, and shun plastics or bright, big decorations. Avoid inflatable decorations outside.
* Decorate your home with fragrance. Bake bread or cookies. If this is impossible, try light holiday fragrances such as vanilla or cinnamon. Avoid heavy pine smells.
* Clean your fireplace thoroughly and make sure a small, crackling fire is going during walk-throughs. But pay special attention to the temperature of your home. Make sure the home is lightly warm, not so toasty that potential buyers can’t stand to wear their coats.
* Make sure all your window blinds and curtains are open for day showings. This means the windows themselves must be perfectly clean.