USB-C May Become The One Cord To Rule Them All

Posted by Richard on February 8, 2022

Future generations may never fully understand the struggles of those who came before them. Can anyone used to driving a car imagine how difficult it would be to keep a horse fed, cleaned, and ready to work?
Future generations may never experience the horror of losing a charging cable.
That’s because unified charging systems, like USB-A and now USB-C, make it easy to use just a few chargers to charge myriad devices. Not so long ago, it seemed that every computer, television, gaming system, cell phone — whatever — had its own unique cord. And if you lost or damaged that cord, you’d often have to shell out a lot of money buying a replacement.
Now, many devices use USB-C, and as time passes, more devices jump onto the bandwagon. So what makes USB-C so popular? USB-C is simply the most recent iteration of the Universal Serial Bus, which is a common interface that allows devices to communicate with one another.
While many people use USB cords to charge equipment, you can also use them to send data between computers, pointing devices, hard drives and other devices. Universal communication interfaces make it easier for devices to talk with one another.
USB-C is the latest and greatest common interface. USB-A cords can only be inserted a certain way, and that way all too often seems to be the opposite of your first attempt. With USB-C, it doesn’t matter how you insert the cord.
On top of that, USB-C supports much faster data transfer and charging. Back when older millennials trudged to school through snow uphill (both ways), they made sure they charged their smartphone for at least two hours before leaving home. Now, you can often get enough battery to get through the day in a half-hour or less.