How To Save Without Crimping Your Style

Posted by Richard on March 8, 2022

Saving money doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your quality of life. Indeed, with the right approach, you can still live on your own terms while also saving cash.
For example, utility bills may take a huge bite out of your budget. Fortunately, smart thermostats and heating systems allow you to turn off the heat or air conditioning while you’re at work. They can automatically turn back on before you get home too, so you’ll rarely notice the difference. Nest claims they can cut nearly $150 from your utility bill per year.
Enjoy reading? Instead of buying books, why not use the library? Many libraries not only offer physical books, but increasingly offer ebooks that you can check out online. Reading not your thing? Many libraries also offer movies, video games, board games, and other things.
And did you know that in the United States, over 100 billion pounds of food get thrown out? Take a peek inside the waste bin in the average American kitchen and there’s a good chance that you’ll find moldy bread and rotten fruits, among other things.
If you produce a lot of food waste, instead of buying food for weeks at a time, consider buying just enough to get through a few days. Also, make sure you’re properly storing and sealing food too, as it can increase shelf life. Buying higher quality ingredients, like premium meats and cheeses, could reduce the temptation to eat out. If you’ve got great food in the fridge, why order delivery?
Looking to buy a new laptop, car or another big-ticket item? Folks love that new car smell, but it lasts for only a few days. Consider buying a refurbished laptop or a certified pre-owned car. You can often pick up top-notch products at a steep discount.
Sure, you might have to forego those fresh smells, but you can keep more money in your bank account.