Deflating Spending Amid High Inflation

Posted by Richard on July 14, 2022

Prices keep going up, up, up. Between the time it took us to write this article and you got a chance to read it, prices may have climbed another few percent. Such are the times, but we have some tips for saving money and trimming spending.

Ultimately, if you want to save money, especially amid high inflation, you should go through your spending line-by-line and see where you can swap in cheaper alternatives. Be sure to search for those movie channels you don’t actually watch and other monthly charges to your Apple or Google account. They can add up.

Couponing used to take quite a bit of work. You might spend hours flipping through newspaper pages and cutting out good deals. With sites like Brickseek, you can compare prices from a huge number of online and even brick-and-mortar retailers. But buy only what you will actually use.

An even easier way to shop and save is simply getting cash back for any purchases you make. With interest rates on the rise, credit cards aren’t as attractive as they used to be. Still, you can use websites like Rakuten and Retailmenot to get cashback on many purchases.

Some credit card companies continue to offer zero percent APR sign-up bonuses, so make sure you check those out. Often, you can transfer balances with a high APR to low or zero percent interest cards. You can also find good cashback bonuses, so it’s smart to see if you qualify for any attractive credit cards on websites like WalletHub.

People love eating out, with Americans dining out nearly six times per week on average, according to Business Insider. But you could buy fresh pre-prepared meals at many grocery stores like Sprouts and Kroger for substantially less. Often, you can throw these delights in the oven and heat them in a matter of minutes. Best way to save on food? Buy cheap staples — rice, potatoes, beans, veggies — and cook them yourself.