Looking For Great Deals On Great Stuff? Try Estate Sales

Posted by Richard on March 9, 2023

If you’re an antiques lover, a bargain hunter looking to upgrade your home, or just interested in unique finds, then an estate sale might be a great way to spend a Saturday.
For the uninitiated, an estate sale is the sale or auction of the contents of a house — usually to liquidate the belongings of a recently deceased person. Just about everything is for sale — furnishings, home decor, appliances, artwork, and more.
* To find nearby estate sales, visit an online estate sales directory like estate sales.net. Check websites for estate sale companies to see if they advertise any upcoming events, and check the local newspaper. Word of mouth might also help you find great estate sales, too.
* Before you go, think about what your house can reasonably fit — if you’re in the market for a new-to-you washing machine, you’ll be pretty annoyed if you bring an estate sale bargain home to find out that it doesn’t fit.
* Estate sales are competitive, so be sure to arrive early to get in line and make sure you have first pick of the best items. It also might pay to be around at the end of the day, when liquidators often bundle items together at deep discounts for quick sale.
* If you’re in the market for antiques, make sure you can tell a real item from a fake one — you’ll be disappointed if you get home and realize that you overpaid for a fake.
* Test all electronics before you buy them. There are no refunds in estate sales, so that broken-down stand mixer will be yours forever.
* Make sure you bring multiple payment methods. Family-run sales may be cash-only, while professional estate sale companies can usually take cards.
* Bring a car that’s big enough to take your new treasures home — estate sales don’t offer delivery.
* Be respectful of the home — someone’s beloved relative or spouse may have passed away recently, so don’t trespass on off-limits areas, use the home’s bathrooms, or bring small children who require a lot of supervision.