Securing Internet of Things (IoT)

Posted by Richard on May 14, 2019

You are on vacation; wouldn’t it be nice to check in on the family pet? Or you are at work; it would be nice to check to see if the baby is down for a nap.
The convenience of security cameras and baby monitors make them an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT).
But they can and do have security issues.
Most security flaws involve software called iLnkP2P, which is often bundled with IoT devices like doorbells and video recorders. The software makes it easy to access remote devices from anywhere in the world, according to Krebs on Security. But they are easily hacked.

Here is what you can do to protect your security:
1. Avoid connecting devices to the internet without a firewall or in front of a firewall. Keep IoT devices behind a firewall, such as is found on routers.
2. Change the device’s default credentials if you can. On cameras and DVRs, you might not be able to do that.
3. Update the firmware when an update is available.
4. Disable Universal Plug and Play.
5. Don’t buy Peer-to-Peer (P2P) devices.
6. Don’t go cheap.

Check out the internet security site:’s Shield’s Up.