How To Start The School Year Off Right

Posted by Richard on August 7, 2019

Starting a new school year can be stressful for students, parents, and teachers alike so it’s crucial to have a few best practices in place to ensure it starts off right, according to the mom at
Since she is a teacher with kids of their own, Amy Kilpatrick Mascott advises that the three most important aspects of a new school year are setting up the right structures and routines, connecting with teachers and administrators, and meeting the kids and parents of their classroom.
Set up structures and routines for when the kids get home. As soon as the kids come in the door, Mascott recommends they put their shoes on the shelf, empty lunchboxes, and hang their backpacks in their designated place.
Parents should empty the take-home folder while the children are having a snack to discard unneeded papers and set out the night’s homework. TeachMama advises children will do better if their homework is completed right after they get home.
Even before the school year starts, it is a good idea to reach out to your children’s new teacher to introduce yourself. Once you have this strong connection in place, it will be easier to talk about problems that might come up during the school year. It’s also a good idea to make sure you know administrators such as the principal, guidance counselors, secretaries, and bus drivers.
Once your child has made a few friends, suggest a play date to their parents so that you’ll have a chance to observe them playing together. Keep an eye out for bullying and fighting. Don’t be afraid to step in if another child is misbehaving either by politely addressing them or their parents.